Saturday, May 14, 2011

Truimph - Part 2

Beautiful arrangement of stock, hydrangea, and weigelia
Ok, now the moment of truth... getting the cones to make it through the steps needed to turn them into drumsticks.  Chocolate coating is first.
I tempered the chocolate and painted it on the inside of the cones.  It got a little thick.   No photos of this step.

All lined up and ready to go.
Next, I  filled each cone with softened ice cream.  I didn't get the round top like the real drumstick due to the shape of my cones... next time? 
Ice cream filled cones

After letting the ice cream refreeze which took about an hour and a half, I prepared the magic shell chocolate coating.  I followed a simple recipe from with only two ingredients: chocolate and butter!

I measured out the chocolate and butter and melted them together in the microwave.  I stirred for several minutes to incorporate the two.  After letting the mixture cool slightly I tested it on some ice cream... it worked!

I dipped one cone at a time into the chocolate and then into a bowl of chopped almonds, instead of the traditional peanuts, I chopped up some marcona almonds for a more sophisticated crunch on the top.

Homemade magic shell
chopped marcona almonds
 Here's a quick look as I popped them back into the freezer.  They were messy and Delicious!

Close up of chopped almond topping

Meanwhile, the rains we've had for the past month have brought 
the most beautiful spring flowers. 

Weigelia in bloom

Chives and thyme

The rooster looks content among the chive blossoms

Raindrops on hosta leaves
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