Monday, May 16, 2011

Ever been to Philly?

Last month, I had the chance to travel to Philadelphia for work.  I haven't been to Philly since I was in high school.  Last time, I went to the mint, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell etc.  There wasn't time for any of that but I got to see a lot of other treasures.  

A friend suggested going to Geno's Steaks and Pat's King of Steaks for cheesesteaks... we did!  It's an interesting corner in Philly with rivals set up with essentially identical buildings on East Passyunk Ave. and Ninth Ave.   Geno's is orange and white while Pat's is red, white and blue.  I didn't get a very good photo of Pat's...

(You can tell from the photos it isn't Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Geno's Steaks

Pat's King of Steaks

Both have dozens of photos with locals and celebrities enjoying their cheesesteaks.  Everyone has a favorite.

We decided to conduct our own taste test.

We order the traditional Philly Cheesesteak: whiz without -
translation: cheese whiz without onions from both: 

Pat's chops up the meat (much like Penn Station)
and puts the cheese whiz on top.

Geno's has longer strips of meat
and puts the cheese whiz on the bun then the meat.  
Geno's on the left, Pat's on the right...
 Yes, that is cheesewhiz...who knew it would be so delicious!

Window of Geno's... lots celebs and locals love this place.

The verdict? We preferred Geno's and ordered seconds...
after all we can't get that at home!

We got pens too.

He was happy we gave Geno's a thumbs up!

After letting our lunch digest a bit we found Capogiro Gelato
close to Market Square.  It was amazing.  

I wasn't a glutton but I was really tempted. 

Beautiful gelato and only half of the case!

Capogiro Gelato Magic

We saw the Rocky Statue, the steps of the Art Museum,
Market Square with all of the sculptures: LOVE.
Can't wait to get back with my family to enjoy
the sights and food of Philly!

Really missing Geno's right about now!

My daughter finished the stuffed giraffe for her friend.
It turned out so cute!

Good use of the vintage buttons!
She fashioned the tail out of fold-over elastic. It made a cute little bow.

I ran across this photo of Allie and me.
I thought I'd share cause it's pretty good
as I have my eyes open for once!  Thanks Kristen!

Now I'm hungry for cheesesteak and gelato.   I hope you are too!


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