Sunday, September 18, 2016

Country Living Fair Columbus - It's a wrap!

Ladder displays are fun!

 Well, the weekend flew by... it always seems to go so fast.
I got to see lots of repeat customers this weekend.
It's so great to see you all every year.
Braving the elements and crowds for the 
experience that is the Country Living Fair.


I have loads of treasures left over... I'm thinking of having my own Country Fair, to give locals the opportunity to shop and purchase any items they may have had their heart set on, but didn't have room in the car for the perfect farmhouse table or sweet kid's cabinet...

Newest prop... wallpaper hanger's table - Love it!
 The weather was interesting all weekend... 
hot and sunny, windy and rainy... 
but the shoppers still shopped!

 I didn't have a chance to download the app until this evening.  
Seems like a great addition to the Fair experience.  
I'll learn about putting my information on to make it easier to find me.

Happy doggy!
Well, that's a wrap.  Thanks for a wonderful weekend. 
See you all soon.


copyright Salmon Alley LLC 2016

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Country Living Columbus Year 4!

Well, somehow it's already the end of Saturday
at Columbus Country Living... 
Not sure how all of the months and weeks 
vanished since Nashville in April.  
Yet, here we are Mid September. 
Which means I've been busy making lots of new things for you!

Lovely Back Wall

And I am having a great time!  
My daughter and sister are helping me 
& as I've stated before, 
this is not a show that can be done alone.  

I am forever grateful to them both for their help... 
especially keeping me focused, 
and helping to keep the booth in order during 
the blustery day we experienced today.
Love Owls!
 Recap of the week so far...
Remember my first two shows... when it was freezing on Friday...
Well, this year, it was HOT! and sunny on Friday.  
Lots of shoppers braving the heat.

Friday Treasures

And Saturday was windy and rainy for the middle part of the day. 
You could hear things crashing all around us.


Forecast for Sunday is clear skies and warm weather.  
Hoping for cooler than Friday. 

Loads of Must Haves

As usual, I've met a lot of super nice women: 
wonderful groups of sisters, moms  daughters, BFFs.  
It's such a wonderful way to spend the weekend. 

Gorgeous weather

One more day on tap... Lots of treasures are left.  

So come on out to see what I have in store for you.

All of my favorite things!
Milo wearing a collar... loving it!

I'm looking forward to working on a few custom orders next week. 
 If you ordered from me, keep an eye out for an email regarding your order.

If you wanted something and didn't make it back to the booth, 
drop me a line and I'll be happy to create something for you.

If you bought something I hope it will bring you joy!
Hope to see you tomorrow!


copyright Salmon Alley LLC 2016