Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fair 52

Hello Friends! I am excited to be part of a new on-line marketplace:

Fair 52.

Fresh handmade finds each week, plus creative inspiration
 Check out their facebook page and website: http://fair52.com/

There is always something new and interesting from all around the country! 
I am thrilled to be part of this great new resource for handmade work.

I am putting up my quirky owls...  They range in size from 4" - 12" tall. 
Shhh!  Winston is still sleeping!

Baby Owl - Clive

 I will make custom owls for your occasion, to match your couch or to the size you require.
Each one is unique and has his own personality.  


copyright Salmon Alley LLC  2013

Plenty of Thanks

This time of year I am always reminded of how grateful and thankful I am to be where I am, doing what I love and being surrounded by my family & friends.

The Sycamore Craft Show is always the week before Thanksgiving... It's a great day - the various bands and orchestras play throughout the day making for a festive shopping experience. 

And this year was another great year!  Thank you to everyone who came out and shopped with me.  I got help from family again and collaborated with a close friend for some very special Holiday gifts.  

I'll be at the Oakley Fancy Flea on December 1 - 10-4 at the Oakley 20th Century Theater if you missed the Sycamore Show... lots of Holiday goodies... finish your shopping with Handmade gifts made right here in Cincinnati!

Trees, stockings - Can you Believe it?!
I just love the diversity of the products!
Time to Celebrate!

Give Thanks Banner Challenge!  

You've all seen where I have my banner...  Let me see how you display yours.  

Here are some beautiful shots of my Give Thanks banners in friends' homes. 
I love how great they look in every home!

Send me your photos and I will post them here with others.

If you don't have one, I'll ship one to you - plenty ready to deliver for Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving!  Take a moment to Give Thanks!


copyright Salmon Alley LLC  2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fabulous Fall

This has been a wonderful fall... beautiful colors which lasted for weeks.  
Such an inspirational time for creating fall handcrafted decorations.
One of the features of Fall I love... gorgeous blue sky with big puffy clouds
Next weekend (Nov. 23rd), I will have a booth at Sycamore High School Craft Show... it's a double booth this time.  Lots of new crafts to share.

I had a table at the Oakley Fancy Flea Market.  (see below)
It was an interesting show - Cool space with twinkly lights, eclectic mix of artisans, flea market goods & Football!  

Truly something for everyone!
Yep, that's the game on an enormous screen. Perfect blend of shopping and football.

It was a challenge putting all of my merchandise on ONE table.  But I squeezed a bunch of stuff together.  It took a long time to really see what was on the table!

Super Crowded Table
 I have many new ideas for the Sycamore show... 
so come on out and see what I've got up my sleeve!

I had to make a few more owls... 
there weren't many left from the original batch I made for Country Living. 
Junior Owls
He's my favorite!

A few months ago, I made this custom shade for an adorable baby nursery!  
It added just the right brightness with greens and yellows to the sweet baby boy nursery.  
Love the monkeys!
 Check out the custom pillow case... 
one-of-a-kind bird-on-a-branch design 
(how many hyphenated words can I use?).  

Beautiful and stylish

Custom pillow cover on a down-filled pillow

I took a few minutes during the O.F.F. Market to play with the camera.  I
 really enjoy the effects of Retrocamera.

Classic Salmon Alley

Retro Salmon Alley

I love the moodiness the camera gets. The intrepid cat coming home.

Hello Kitty!

Lake Erie

Golden Gate
Better get back to the creating new stuff.  I am sorry to have been out of touch lately. 
I'll be happy to see you all at Sycamore next week and Oakley on Dec. 1st.  



copyright Salmon Alley LLC  2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Country Living Is Here!

 After weeks of preparation, I was ready as I could be for the Country Living Show!    

Loads of pumpkins, a bushel of apples and a handful of pears... a hoot-a-nanny of owls...
purses, pouches, pillows and other lovely things.  

Here's some of the owls... each one had a name and a personality to go with it.

A Parliament of Owls - just learned that!

Huxley was my favorite!

Set up day: Rain, rain, and more rain.  So grateful to Monique and Dave for their help getting the stuff to the show, suspending the lampshades and quilts. 

The booth looked cuter than I imagined.  

Before the Early Birds - Day One

Lovely Monique... I couldn't have done this without her.

Day One: Someone must have put an order in to the weatherman to signal fall because the temperature (which was in the 90's just Wednesday) was in the 50-60 degree range!   It didn't stop the Early Birds who lined up at 7:30 AM for a chance to get some goodies.  While it never really warmed up to the promised temps, the day was GREAT!  I have attended the show and been part of the crowds but never realized how much traffic any one booth gets. 
Whew!  It was amazing! 

I received some wonderful compliments on the booth, my creativity and all of my products. 
Several people told me my booth was their favorite!  

That's me... last minute set up, Day One.
Explaining the Banners
Day Two: Weather - Chilly morning but gorgeous day, hardly a cloud in the sky.  
The crowds were plentiful.  Sales were brisk.  
I hope to make lots of Custom lampshades and banners.

Day Two: Gorgeous Precision Sewing Machine - Sold!

That's me - Day Two

Day Three...  That's tomorrow!  Forecast favorable conditions for a great final day of my first Country Living show.   There will be some changes to the booth and some new things I've been holding back in the truck.  Come and check it out!  

 Hope to see you tomorrow!


copyright Salmon Alley LLC 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Country Living Show!

It's almost here!  
The Country Living Show in Columbus, Ohio
and - I have a booth!  

I am busy sewing and creating new products: 
bags, flowers and pumpkins etc.  

Only 6 weeks to go!  

Mark your calendars. Get your friends together.

I attended the show last year to check it out.  
The setting is perfect, the weather should be great.

There truly is something for everyone - antiques, handmade items, Food too!    

Come out and join me - you'll thank me later!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Post Craft Show - Where I Create

It's been almost three months since the Craft Show... wow, it's amazing how clean the sewing room is now!  I finished several projects and had some time to straighten... um, I'm a little ADHD in the sewing room.  My husband usually comes downstairs and makes a kaboom sound like a bomb went off.   

I leave projects in mid-stream to start others... I drop scraps on the floor.  Serious disarray.  
 But, now it looks great.  I took a few photos as proof.  It won't last long... I'm not that organized - no matter how hard I try!  And all of the counter space just gets filled with more stuff!

If you've ever read the magazine Where Women Create (it's full of beautiful creative spaces for really talented people...) I feel lucky to have such a large space to fill with fabrics and notions and create anything I want.  Maybe a few of my more organized friends can give me some pointers and help make the final adjustments to the space to keep it from getting really messy.  

The Sewing Closet with everything right at my finger tips.

Organized thread looks like a rainbow

The "office" station

 My beautiful stash of fabric


Counter space!

The great wall - full of inspiration

I love my studio.  It's one of my favorite places.  I get to hang out, listen to music and get creative.  I'm my own boss in my studio.  I listen to my heart and create whatever I want. 

I hope you enjoyed a little peek at the studio.  I welcome any tips on organization.


copyright 2103 Salmon Alley LLC 

Craft Show Success - Thank you!

My 3rd Craft Show appearance went really, really well.  
So many friends and family came to support me, thank you!  

I received many compliments and many people came to just look at the booth.  And plenty  bought things as well, whew!  There were a few hours I wasn't sure I was going to make it!

pretty pumpkins 

All the owls and pumpkins come together

Love these bags...

Early set up

So much stuff... I made all of it!

I have really changed my "product line" since the 1st craft show... no elf hats this year! zipper pouches, pins, large totes otherwise all new stuff:  pumpkins, acorns, owls, pillows, leaves...

I've already signed up for the show next year so expect bigger and better things!!


copyright 2013 Salmon Alley LLC