Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beautiful Summer Nights

We've been busy doing yard work lately, and tonight we finished moving Mulch Mountain off the driveway!  Here are some shots of what parts of the yard look like... I did see a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly flying around as I was taking photos... of course it wouldn't sit still long enough to have it's picture taken.  Lots of bees buzzing around too... love seeing that!


Not sure what we have going on here... but the vine, even though it's weed, looked charming on the furniture.  I noticed this while I was grilled dinner tonight. 

Beautiful daisies... how sweet in the sun.   It was a really beautiful evening... cool and not to humid for our neck of the woods.

The purple coneflowers are just starting to blossom, they are like fireworks every year.  I leave them through the fall the goldfinches love their seeds.

How can you not love this face... such a sweet heart.  She is patiently waiting for me to take her picture in exchange for getting to lick my ice cream dish. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick post.