Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall breezing in

It's been an abrupt switch from summer to fall... 
all in the space of about 12 hours - 

Friday night to Saturday morning.  

And with the chilly weather I have been inspired 
to create a variety of new owls and octopi.

Mr. Snowy Owl

Mrs. Snowy Owl

It's an Owl Family!

Hot pink owl for Emily

It's hard to choose favorites - this one is near the top of the list!

Got to see the Octopus at the Newport Aquarium - such an interesting creature.

She couldn't wait for me to leave for work in the morning... had to get on her cozy chair.

And I have finished all of my custom orders which are shipping out this week!  
Let me know you've received them and that they are to your liking... 

I want you to all be happy.

Custom coffee sack banner


I was delighted to see that Salmon Alley was posted about 
in another blog following the Country Living show! 
I had a lovely conversation with Jayne at the show.
I had no idea she posted about Salmon Alley!  

Thank you!  I love your blog - so many beautiful quilts.   
Looks like you had a great time at Country Living with your family.  

I love that the show lets friends and families, 
often generations hang out for a day or two just 
shopping and browsing together.  
Everyone is always friendly & enthusiastic about the show. 

It's infectious (in a good way!) 

Maybe it's the cold snap that seems to be ordered up just for that weekend.

Here's a link to Jayne's blog:  Please check it out.

Well, that's all for tonight... 
I've got several more things to finish before 
the next Oakley Fancy Flea.  

I'll have more fall things as well as Holiday decor.  
November 16 11-5 at the 20th Century Theater... 

Indoors and on Sunday - 
Football and shopping 
Truly something for everyone!

Hope to see you there.


copyright Salmon Alley LLC 2014