Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Elf Hat Pattern

My daughter and her friend wanted to wear Christmas hats to our local Christmas Village. We designed and made two hats in about 10 minutes before going to the Village. They turned out so cute and we received many compliments on them so we decided to post them on the blog.
Approximately 12" square of fleece
6" x 3" piece of contrasting color fleece
scrap of felt (for ears)
Fold fleece square on the diagonal and sew along one of the straight edges leaving the end open temporarily.
Cut fringe on smaller rectangle piece of felt and roll up to create a pompom.
Insert pompom into opening at end of hat and sew into place.

Turn hat right-side out.

Cut out ear shapes from scrap of felt.

Try on hat, turn up "brim" and pin ears in place. Remove hat and sew ears to sides of hat.

Each hat will have a jaunty, playful attitude depending on how you wear it.
Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

copyright salmon alley 2009