Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall breezing in

It's been an abrupt switch from summer to fall... 
all in the space of about 12 hours - 

Friday night to Saturday morning.  

And with the chilly weather I have been inspired 
to create a variety of new owls and octopi.

Mr. Snowy Owl

Mrs. Snowy Owl

It's an Owl Family!

Hot pink owl for Emily

It's hard to choose favorites - this one is near the top of the list!

Got to see the Octopus at the Newport Aquarium - such an interesting creature.

She couldn't wait for me to leave for work in the morning... had to get on her cozy chair.

And I have finished all of my custom orders which are shipping out this week!  
Let me know you've received them and that they are to your liking... 

I want you to all be happy.

Custom coffee sack banner


I was delighted to see that Salmon Alley was posted about 
in another blog following the Country Living show! 
I had a lovely conversation with Jayne at the show.
I had no idea she posted about Salmon Alley!  

Thank you!  I love your blog - so many beautiful quilts.   
Looks like you had a great time at Country Living with your family.  

I love that the show lets friends and families, 
often generations hang out for a day or two just 
shopping and browsing together.  
Everyone is always friendly & enthusiastic about the show. 

It's infectious (in a good way!) 

Maybe it's the cold snap that seems to be ordered up just for that weekend.

Here's a link to Jayne's blog:  Please check it out.

Well, that's all for tonight... 
I've got several more things to finish before 
the next Oakley Fancy Flea.  

I'll have more fall things as well as Holiday decor.  
November 16 11-5 at the 20th Century Theater... 

Indoors and on Sunday - 
Football and shopping 
Truly something for everyone!

Hope to see you there.


copyright Salmon Alley LLC 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Final Fancy Flea of the Summer

What a beautiful day for the Final Summer Fancy Flea!  

A steady crowds of shoppers made the day fly.


Right on the heels of the Country Living Show, 
I had lots of new items for this show. 
"new" chandelier shabby chic!

Mid century goodness

vintage jewelry boxes
   I am taking custom orders on many things: 
letter books, banners, lampshades etc. 

Send me an email if you saw something at the show
 & you are thinking about it still.
Acorns, letters & garland
Those who placed orders, I'm getting started tonight!  

Expect an email in the next few days to confirm the sale 
and show some options, where applicable.

The Parliament
We want to go home with you!

Here's Salmon Alley's fall schedule:
Sycamore Craft Show 11/22 (Sycamore High School)
Oakley Fancy Flea 12/7 (20th Century Theater)
& possibly the 11/16 Oakley Fancy Flea

I will have a lot of Holiday decorations, wedding decor & more.

Lovely pine cone

Sweet dreams - going to decorate a sweet little girl's bedroom

So come on out and get your Holiday shopping done 
buying local and handmade in the USA.

Zipper pouches - perfect for everyone.

Hope to see you soon!


copyright Salmon Alley LLC 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Custom Orders

Here are several of the custom letter books 
I've done since the Country Living show... 

they are so cute!

More to be done soon.


 copyright Salmon Alley LLC 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Country Living Sunday

What a gorgeous day it was... sunny and a perfect temperature.  
The last day of the show was great... sold lots of big items.  
We rearranged the booth and had a fresh take on the furniture.

Here are a few shots for today... and a quick blog post.


I am so grateful for Monรจque's help again this year, she brought so much energy to the booth.  Her work was the key caddies, words and candle holders among other things.  She nearly sold out of her burlap letters.  She's taking orders if anyone needs one.

I would love to see where you 
place the banners, owls & pillows in your homes -
really anything you bought and if you love how it looks, 
please send a photo and I will post them on the blog.  

If you loved something at the booth and are still thinking about it, 
send me an email it might still be available.

Thank you to everyone who shopped at Salmon Alley this weekend.  
This is a huge event and I love being a part of it.  

My next show is the Oakley Fancy Flea, Sept 27 10-4.  
Hope to see you there.


copyright Salmon Alley LLC 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Country Living Day - Saturday

Well, Day Two was just as much fun as Day One... 
and the weather, while chilly & sometimes threatening was pretty nice.  

Lots of great shoppers today all braving the cold.
Here's a few shots of the booth today... 
we moved things around and freshened up the displays.  
Got a lot of lovely compliments on the booth too.  

Thank you all!

Trying a little fun with the camera & yes it was cold enough for mittens this morning.

George the Octopus needs to find a home... and someone to cuddle

This banner will be at a vineyard wedding...  sure to be a gorgeous wedding

I think he can't decide... a drink or a sandwich

Sort of sums up the day... Joy at Country Living!

  I sold so many of my vintage finds.  I am happy they have found a new home.  
This is the prettiest sewing machine ever


I will post more tomorrow... Hope to see you there.


copyright Salmon Alley LLC  2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Country Living Columbus - 2014

Another great day at Country Living's Columbus show at Ohio Village.  
You can't ask for a more perfect location for the show - 
everthing about the Village is ideal for the show.  
And Salmon Alley has the same booth location! 
 It is the best one too!


Here's the view when you enter the show... 
I'm the first booth you can come to and there are so many lovely items to view.  

Great vintage finds, wonderful handmade items:
 owls, bags, lampshade, pumpkins &wall hangings.  

I got to see many customers from last year... 
so exciting to hear how they used the banners and other items they purchased.  

The owls this year have so much personality. 


 And the Octavius the Octopus is stealing the show.  

More to follow after tomorrow's show.  
Got to finish a few more things before tomorrow.  

Come on out and see me, 
the weather will be fine and 
there's sure to be some great antiques and country goodies to be found.

copyright Salmon Alley 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Post Show - lots of Heat

So concludes the hottest market I have ever experienced! Just over 90 degrees! 
My new easy-up provided adequate shade and a pleasant shelter for the day. 
And the rain held off long enough to have time to unload at home.

View of the booth in the early morning light
I've been busy getting things ready for the Country Living Show in Columbus, finding wonderful treasure and creating new and wonderful items.

Travel Case - excellent color!

I love the sunshine colors of these books!


Never one to waste - lovely paper garlands from book scraps!
Loved this garland... will grace a Christmas Tree this year!

Flower Garland

I am excited to share new finds... vintage jewerly and ceramics.  
Make sure you head to Columbus or back to Oakley in September to see everything!
Vintage jewelry and garland
 I am happy to work on custom letters to make the decoration for every room or occasion.

Names & words are easy with these colorful books!

I have sold many treasures today!  
A fabulous Mid Century Table, excellent condition and a real find.
The sherbert colored Tupperware cups and several other vintage articles.

I am getting ready for the Country Living Show 
(September 12-14) 
with many new items and several favorites.  

I hope to see you there!  


copyright Salmon Alley LLC 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Oakley Fancy Flea

Fluttering Celebrate Banner
 We had a little of everything weather-wise: rain, lightening, thunder and sunny skies. 
 But that didn't deter the people coming out to support OFF Market in July.

 New items to Salmon Alley: letter books - perfect for gifts.  

Perfect for every decor:  nursery, family room, office &
for every occasion: weddings, new baby, graduations, birthdays 

Custom Letters - spell words, names etc.
The pillows are down filled and so cozy. 
The owls are unique and each have their own personalities.

Birds of a feather - pillows and owls

I love this pillow!

 Check out the custom lampshades.  
Each can be monogrammed or specialized.

Full view of booth and custom lampshade!

Vintage items, some antiques and other treasures.

Vintage collectables
 The pins and hairpieces are made from fabrics, vintage buttons and jewelry pieces.

Pretty pins and hairpieces

The next OFF Markets will be August 30 & September 27.  
Come on out to Oakley Square, you'll be glad you did.


copyright Salmon Alley LLC 2014