Monday, May 3, 2010

Crafty Chica Challenge: Garden Glam

Sweet plant marker... soon to be a complete set. I recently planted herbs in the kitchen garden and wanted a way to tag them... without keeping the plastic tags. (Very important when sending kids or husbands to garden for thyme and they bring back sage.)

I used some burlap from a recent purchase of garlic. Folded it into rectangle, slip stitched it closed and free hand embroidered a design and THYME. I plan to make others with simple designs of leaves or flowers for each plant in the kitchen garden. For the moment, I used a wire coat hanger for the hook and stand. I will work on improving this... maybe bamboo stakes.

I'll post the others when I've finished them. In the meantime, I've entered in the Crafty Chica Challenge: Garden Glam contest... at the last possible minute!


copyright salmonalley 2010

Crafty Chica Challenge: Garden  Glam