Monday, November 21, 2011

Second Annual Craft Show

I had so much fun last year, I had to do it again. 

After many, many weeks of preparations, I was ready for my second craft show.  And I had a many new items this year.   

Sweet little pin.

Lovely, lovely pins

Everything was received with a lot of enthusiasm... I feel the love!  My booth was decorated with a few antiques, my products and the lampshade/sign from last year.  The additional lighting was great in the booth and cast a nice glow.  I have to say the hours flew by and before I knew it, I had several orders and hopefully many new fans. 

I hope everyone that bought something at the show is happy with their purchase... please let me know. 
I made this for my craft class and it was a hit at the show
I will show several garlands in my next post.  And as always, I will make custom lampshades, pins and garlands.  Just send me your ideas. 

Dirty Betty and a new lampshade for my craft room... taking orders!

If you need anything from me, just send me a message and we can get together.  I can fill orders for Christmas!

Part of the garland and a stack of acorns
On a personal note, I couldn't have done this without the help of my husband, kids and my sisters.  Thank you all so much. It was fun to hang out with my sisters all day.  It was busy and hectic but we did get to visit.  And it was great to see so many friends who stopped by to support me!  I really appreciate everyone taking time out of their busy schedules to stop by the show.

Thank you all for your support.   Enjoy!
2011 SalmonAlley

Sunday, August 14, 2011

In these dog days of summer... these are a few of my favorite things

I've been a workaholic lately.  I've been reflecting about many things and realized I have recently discovered some new favorite things... and thought I'd share them.  

Those of you who know me may be a little surprised by my next statement: 
I eat breakfast everyday. 
Really... I have found something I truly enjoy eating - every day.  

Fage 2% Greek Yogurt with local honey and walnuts.  Sometimes I'll throw some blueberries or strawberries on it or just the honey.  It is so delicious and really good for you too. 

I love that every August, like clockwork, the PeeGee Hydrangea out front blossoms and goes from a creamy white to a light blush pink.   Many other flowers are looking a little spent by this time of year, not the PeeGee...  So pretty.

 My newest favorite obsession:  a truly decadent find... Trader Joe's does it again.  70% Dark Chocolate with Carmel and Sea Salt.  It's a piece of heaven, right here on earth.  

Get a look at that caramel... they say the serving size is 4 squares... but I savor this.  It is so rich you really don't need that much.  A square or two is perfect.  And so is the price: $1.99!!

I love to harvest! This morning, I went into the garden and brought in a lovely assortment of peppers and tomatoes.  Delicious.  Organic and warm from the sun.  Made quite a yummy BLAT (I added avocado) --mmm--mmm.   After toiling for hours getting the weeds out... this is a really lovely reward to harvest the veggies.  I do it every year, I must love it!

I love the simplicity of Homemade Philadelphia Style Vanilla Ice Cream. Simple and delicious.   I can whip up a batch in about 35 minutes (30 minutes is in the ice cream maker).  Pop it into the freezer to firm up for another two hours and then you can enjoy it however you choose: summer fruits, nuts, honey, caramel or just plain.  Yum, Yum, Yum

And finally, I love having my birthday in the midst of the heat and chaos of summer.  One day for me to be pampered and loved above all others... at least by my family!  This year was especially grand... my husband and kids took the best care of me and had a pile of presents for me.  It was a glorious day... thank you!   I love being a Leo. 

I am crafting away in preparation for the Sycamore Craft Show this fall... mark your calendars: November 19.  I requested the same booth.  So come listen to the bands and buy some great handmade items for the Holidays.

copyright salmonalley 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beautiful Summer Nights

We've been busy doing yard work lately, and tonight we finished moving Mulch Mountain off the driveway!  Here are some shots of what parts of the yard look like... I did see a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly flying around as I was taking photos... of course it wouldn't sit still long enough to have it's picture taken.  Lots of bees buzzing around too... love seeing that!


Not sure what we have going on here... but the vine, even though it's weed, looked charming on the furniture.  I noticed this while I was grilled dinner tonight. 

Beautiful daisies... how sweet in the sun.   It was a really beautiful evening... cool and not to humid for our neck of the woods.

The purple coneflowers are just starting to blossom, they are like fireworks every year.  I leave them through the fall the goldfinches love their seeds.

How can you not love this face... such a sweet heart.  She is patiently waiting for me to take her picture in exchange for getting to lick my ice cream dish. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick post. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Headbands galore!

I've been busy making headbands...lots of headbands.  The components are pretty easy to make and don't take a lot of time (Which I don't have a lot of at any given stretch.)  So it's pretty much perfect for me right now.

Using only fabrics I have on hand... I should be able to make a garden the size of Giverny - just ask my husband!!  I have made the following lovely little flowers. 

There are many tutorials on how to make the various flowers.  I let the fabric determine the type of flower to make.  It's a great way to use up some scraps.
Some of these will be in a professional photo shoot for a local hairdresser.  I'll post the photos when I get them. Meanwhile, I'm making many more.  I'm loving this new pass time!

Cotton and silk organza pin

Cotton and tafetta pin

Home dec and vintage button headband


Poly jacard headband

silk and seed bead headband

cotton pin

Upscaled shirt and bead headband

cotton and ribbon pin

silk headband

cotton headband - looks like a carnation in person

tafetta poppy headband

cotton and silk blend pin/headband

cotton and vintage glass button

silk organza headband

copyright  © salmonalley 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ever been to Philly?

Last month, I had the chance to travel to Philadelphia for work.  I haven't been to Philly since I was in high school.  Last time, I went to the mint, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell etc.  There wasn't time for any of that but I got to see a lot of other treasures.  

A friend suggested going to Geno's Steaks and Pat's King of Steaks for cheesesteaks... we did!  It's an interesting corner in Philly with rivals set up with essentially identical buildings on East Passyunk Ave. and Ninth Ave.   Geno's is orange and white while Pat's is red, white and blue.  I didn't get a very good photo of Pat's...

(You can tell from the photos it isn't Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Geno's Steaks

Pat's King of Steaks

Both have dozens of photos with locals and celebrities enjoying their cheesesteaks.  Everyone has a favorite.

We decided to conduct our own taste test.

We order the traditional Philly Cheesesteak: whiz without -
translation: cheese whiz without onions from both: 

Pat's chops up the meat (much like Penn Station)
and puts the cheese whiz on top.

Geno's has longer strips of meat
and puts the cheese whiz on the bun then the meat.  
Geno's on the left, Pat's on the right...
 Yes, that is cheesewhiz...who knew it would be so delicious!

Window of Geno's... lots celebs and locals love this place.

The verdict? We preferred Geno's and ordered seconds...
after all we can't get that at home!

We got pens too.

He was happy we gave Geno's a thumbs up!

After letting our lunch digest a bit we found Capogiro Gelato
close to Market Square.  It was amazing.  

I wasn't a glutton but I was really tempted. 

Beautiful gelato and only half of the case!

Capogiro Gelato Magic

We saw the Rocky Statue, the steps of the Art Museum,
Market Square with all of the sculptures: LOVE.
Can't wait to get back with my family to enjoy
the sights and food of Philly!

Really missing Geno's right about now!

My daughter finished the stuffed giraffe for her friend.
It turned out so cute!

Good use of the vintage buttons!
She fashioned the tail out of fold-over elastic. It made a cute little bow.

I ran across this photo of Allie and me.
I thought I'd share cause it's pretty good
as I have my eyes open for once!  Thanks Kristen!

Now I'm hungry for cheesesteak and gelato.   I hope you are too!


©salmonally 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Truimph - Part 2

Beautiful arrangement of stock, hydrangea, and weigelia
Ok, now the moment of truth... getting the cones to make it through the steps needed to turn them into drumsticks.  Chocolate coating is first.
I tempered the chocolate and painted it on the inside of the cones.  It got a little thick.   No photos of this step.

All lined up and ready to go.
Next, I  filled each cone with softened ice cream.  I didn't get the round top like the real drumstick due to the shape of my cones... next time? 
Ice cream filled cones

After letting the ice cream refreeze which took about an hour and a half, I prepared the magic shell chocolate coating.  I followed a simple recipe from with only two ingredients: chocolate and butter!

I measured out the chocolate and butter and melted them together in the microwave.  I stirred for several minutes to incorporate the two.  After letting the mixture cool slightly I tested it on some ice cream... it worked!

I dipped one cone at a time into the chocolate and then into a bowl of chopped almonds, instead of the traditional peanuts, I chopped up some marcona almonds for a more sophisticated crunch on the top.

Homemade magic shell
chopped marcona almonds
 Here's a quick look as I popped them back into the freezer.  They were messy and Delicious!

Close up of chopped almond topping

Meanwhile, the rains we've had for the past month have brought 
the most beautiful spring flowers. 

Weigelia in bloom

Chives and thyme

The rooster looks content among the chive blossoms

Raindrops on hosta leaves
 Thanks for visiting!