Saturday, September 14, 2013

Country Living Is Here!

 After weeks of preparation, I was ready as I could be for the Country Living Show!    

Loads of pumpkins, a bushel of apples and a handful of pears... a hoot-a-nanny of owls...
purses, pouches, pillows and other lovely things.  

Here's some of the owls... each one had a name and a personality to go with it.

A Parliament of Owls - just learned that!

Huxley was my favorite!

Set up day: Rain, rain, and more rain.  So grateful to Monique and Dave for their help getting the stuff to the show, suspending the lampshades and quilts. 

The booth looked cuter than I imagined.  

Before the Early Birds - Day One

Lovely Monique... I couldn't have done this without her.

Day One: Someone must have put an order in to the weatherman to signal fall because the temperature (which was in the 90's just Wednesday) was in the 50-60 degree range!   It didn't stop the Early Birds who lined up at 7:30 AM for a chance to get some goodies.  While it never really warmed up to the promised temps, the day was GREAT!  I have attended the show and been part of the crowds but never realized how much traffic any one booth gets. 
Whew!  It was amazing! 

I received some wonderful compliments on the booth, my creativity and all of my products. 
Several people told me my booth was their favorite!  

That's me... last minute set up, Day One.
Explaining the Banners
Day Two: Weather - Chilly morning but gorgeous day, hardly a cloud in the sky.  
The crowds were plentiful.  Sales were brisk.  
I hope to make lots of Custom lampshades and banners.

Day Two: Gorgeous Precision Sewing Machine - Sold!

That's me - Day Two

Day Three...  That's tomorrow!  Forecast favorable conditions for a great final day of my first Country Living show.   There will be some changes to the booth and some new things I've been holding back in the truck.  Come and check it out!  

 Hope to see you tomorrow!


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