Saturday, June 14, 2014

Organized Necklace Holder

Problem: Last year, I had a huge jumble of necklaces in my jewelry box.  I have what might be considered a lot of necklaces.  And storing them flat was not good... they would get tangled together and I would spend too much time separating them anytime I wanted to wear one.


My Solution: Fashion a Necklace Holder from an Old Lampshade.  


I wrapped the entire shade with white cotton twill tape 
so the necklaces would sparkle and pop against the white.  
I sewed vintage shank buttons around the outside 
top of the shade at one inch intervals and a few on the inside 
as well to allow the longer necklaces to hang better.

The result is a charming organized solution that has a soft feminine vintage feel.  

I can hang it or leave it resting on my dresser. 

 It is so easy to see the necklaces and even easier to keep 
them organized after I've worn them.  

And I can store hair clips on the shade as well. 


copyright Salmon Alley LLC 2014