Monday, November 21, 2011

Second Annual Craft Show

I had so much fun last year, I had to do it again. 

After many, many weeks of preparations, I was ready for my second craft show.  And I had a many new items this year.   

Sweet little pin.

Lovely, lovely pins

Everything was received with a lot of enthusiasm... I feel the love!  My booth was decorated with a few antiques, my products and the lampshade/sign from last year.  The additional lighting was great in the booth and cast a nice glow.  I have to say the hours flew by and before I knew it, I had several orders and hopefully many new fans. 

I hope everyone that bought something at the show is happy with their purchase... please let me know. 
I made this for my craft class and it was a hit at the show
I will show several garlands in my next post.  And as always, I will make custom lampshades, pins and garlands.  Just send me your ideas. 

Dirty Betty and a new lampshade for my craft room... taking orders!

If you need anything from me, just send me a message and we can get together.  I can fill orders for Christmas!

Part of the garland and a stack of acorns
On a personal note, I couldn't have done this without the help of my husband, kids and my sisters.  Thank you all so much. It was fun to hang out with my sisters all day.  It was busy and hectic but we did get to visit.  And it was great to see so many friends who stopped by to support me!  I really appreciate everyone taking time out of their busy schedules to stop by the show.

Thank you all for your support.   Enjoy!
2011 SalmonAlley