Monday, January 28, 2013

Post Craft Show - Where I Create

It's been almost three months since the Craft Show... wow, it's amazing how clean the sewing room is now!  I finished several projects and had some time to straighten... um, I'm a little ADHD in the sewing room.  My husband usually comes downstairs and makes a kaboom sound like a bomb went off.   

I leave projects in mid-stream to start others... I drop scraps on the floor.  Serious disarray.  
 But, now it looks great.  I took a few photos as proof.  It won't last long... I'm not that organized - no matter how hard I try!  And all of the counter space just gets filled with more stuff!

If you've ever read the magazine Where Women Create (it's full of beautiful creative spaces for really talented people...) I feel lucky to have such a large space to fill with fabrics and notions and create anything I want.  Maybe a few of my more organized friends can give me some pointers and help make the final adjustments to the space to keep it from getting really messy.  

The Sewing Closet with everything right at my finger tips.

Organized thread looks like a rainbow

The "office" station

 My beautiful stash of fabric


Counter space!

The great wall - full of inspiration

I love my studio.  It's one of my favorite places.  I get to hang out, listen to music and get creative.  I'm my own boss in my studio.  I listen to my heart and create whatever I want. 

I hope you enjoyed a little peek at the studio.  I welcome any tips on organization.


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