Sunday, September 20, 2015

Farewell Columbus Country Living Fair

As usual, the last day of the Country Living Fair is always beautiful and sunny.  

This year was especially nice.

Check out the blue skies and perfect clouds.
Sales were brisk and everyone was really friendly.  
All in all a great way to end the weekend.

 Met some really nice people -
I feel very blessed to be part of such a wonderful show.

Perfect kid size hutch. 

I have to thank my neighbors: 

David, Sally & Tony and Susie & Dan for being so sweet.   

We looked out for each other and formed a nice bond.  
I'm not sure how I could have done some of this without them. 
I am looking forward to seeing them all next year.  

Just love the vase of flowers

And a special thanks to my husband for driving up to bring home 
everything that wouldn't fit in the car 
as I fell short of the goal to "sell everything" but came very close.
Lars on the ladder

I couldn't have done the show without my daughter's help on Friday & Saturday.  
Thank you so much! 
Can't wait to decorate your room with your finds from the show.

 And thanks again to my friend Barb on Saturday. 
She's helped me with two shows this year.  
Her merchandising experience is a huge help to me. 

The booth mid afternoon
Outside the booth

Met some super sweet puppies who went home wearing the dog collars!  
They looked very dapper.  

Sweet puppies!

Here are some of my favorite things 
still left from the show... maybe coming to a show near you soon! 

Ready for a kid's playroom.

Love this vintage coral

Gorgeous door - still available (32" x 80")

Off to fill the custom orders.  
If you want something, don't hesitate to send me an email.

Next show:
Oakley Fancy Flea
September 26
Oakley Square.


copyright 2015 Salmon Alley LLC

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