Saturday, September 19, 2015

Country Living 2015

Country Living Fair - Columbus!
 It's been a gorgeous weekend so far.  
Sunny and warm on Friday, a little rainy and chilly on Saturday 
but it looks to be a beautiful day tomorrow.  

While I haven't been blogging lately, I've been busy make many new products. 
 I have lots left so come on out to see them & 
all of the wonderful treasures at the Country Living Fair in Columbus.

I had a special treat this year, I got to work with my daughter for a few days. 
Her creativity and and help were so wonderful.  
It was great to see her interact with clients and help keep me organized.  

Hopefully, she'll be able to help me for years to come.

Helping arrange the last minute touches

Also my friend Barb helped today too
& was a great asset especially during the rain.  

Both Allie and Barb loved seeing me get drenched with water from the tent edge.   
One lesson learned today -
Tent sides are like sails...  
No matter how many clamps you have, 
you don't have enough!

This is all Allie's handiwork.

Some additions to the Salmon Alley line include these adorable ball chain necklaces.  
Finding the vintage keys and other trinkets was a big part of the fun.

Getting the last few items priced before the early birds arrive

Some of Allie's handiwork
 I love making new owls and octopi 
with more animals to come. 

I love seeing how they develop personalities 
seeing everyone's reactions to their names.

More Octopi and owls

 These feather were so fun to make. You can be sure there will be more soon. 
I can make these to order too.

Feathers - new and lovely

Saturday started a little slowly this year with the early birds, 
but the crowd for the opening at 10 was huge.
A wonderful sight!  Shoppers waiting to start their day.

Dog collars are a new addition to the line as well.  
My dog Trudy is modeling for me.  
She seems to love wearing it. 
It's comfortable and classy.

Trudy loves her new collar - she's looking spiffy.

 The latest ideas sometimes work out. 
I have a lot of mason jars and this old tin... makes an adorable vase.

It's one-of-a-kind... so cute.

In case your Country Living experience is over for this year, 
I'll be at Oakley Fancy Flea on Saturday September 26 from 10 - 4.

Hope you are able to be there.


copyright Salmon Alley LLC 21015

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